Get started

1. Select a pad
2. Select steps
3. Click on the play icon at the top right.

How to apply effects

1. Press on a pad
2. Slide horizontally in order to choose effect
3. Slide vertically in order to adjust the effect

How to open the synthesizer

1. Select a pad
2. Click on FILE
3. Click on SYNTH
4. Choose a preset
5. Click on the plot

How to copy groups
1. Press on a group
2. Drag group on top of another group
3. Release

Important noteWhen you copy a group, it will copy the patterns of each pad and all mute states. It will not change effects or noterepeat states.

How to switch from one group to another

1. Press on a group

Important noteIf Hypertron is stopped, groups will change immediately. If Hypertron is playing, it will wait until the longest bar of your current group has finished its cycle and change to the next group after it's done.

How to lock noterepeat

1. Press on one of the four noterepeat steps
2. A button labelled FIX will appear on top of it
3. Move up your finger and release it

Important noteBy locking note-repeat it will ignore all patterns of the selected pad across groups.

How to import samples
1. Click on FILE
2. Click on the import icon at the top right
3. Click on the file(s) you want to import

Important noteRequires PRO account.
Imported files are copied into IMPORTS folder.
Only works with WAV files.

More coming soonWork in progress