Load samples

1.Select a pad

2.Click on FILE

3.Click on the sample you want to load

Import samples

1.Click on FILE

2.Click on the import icon at the top right

3.Click on the file you want to import or select multiple files and click on Done
Important note
  • Requires PRO account.
  • Only works with WAV files
  • Maximum length: 40 seconds
  • Imported files are copied into the IMPORTS folder
  • If you want to delete a file, press on that file, swipe left and click on DELETE

Slice samples

1.Select a pad

2.Click on the plot

3.Move the start- and endpoints

Fade regions

1.Move the circle on top of the startpoint in order to increase the fade region

2.Move the circle on top of the endpoint in order to decrease the fade region

3.Manually adjust the amount of milliseconds for the crossfade or fade-in and fade-out regions.

Important noteCrossfading only occurs, when the sample has been re-triggered before the play-position has reached the end-position of the sample. The crossfade parameter of the Hypertron defines the amount of time which it takes from both the start- and replay-position of the sample.

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