A new, exciting
musical instrument
for iPhone & iPad

Hypertron is a new exciting, musical instrument for iOS, which offers the best features of well known samplers, sequencers and drummachines for quick editing and flexible music production.

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HYPERTRON is an exciting and intuitive musical app for iOS, which combines features of well known samplers, sequencers and drum machines for quick editing and flexible music production.

HYPERTRON is offering powerful tools behind simple design. Compose, mix and arrange in one window. Tip on a pad and swipe in order to adjust effects. Load and record samples, alter sounds, compose melodies, build beats, arrange songs and perform them.

Load samples, record samples, slice samples, time-stretch samples, add fade-ins and fade-outs to your samples or crossfade them. Create melodies by pitching sounds in real time.

Add multiple effects like reverb, delay, distortion, highpass and lowpass to your tracks. Fine-adjust pitch, delay-times and reverb cutoff. Easily automate your effects.

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Sample Store

Bassdrums 16 samples by HYPERTRON #Drums #Kick
Eight Zero Eight 50 samples by HYPERTRON #Drums #Kick #Snare
Electronic Piano 46 samples by HYPERTRON #Mixed #Misc #Piano
Acoustic Drums 16 samples by ROOM4SOUND #Acoustic #Drums #Kick
Electronic Drums 36 samples by CRYSTALS #Drums #Kick #Snare
Andres Kit 25 samples WENZLITSCHKE #One-Shot #Drums #Loops
Available via In-App-Purchases
14 kits / 289 samples

App Store Reviews

"What a freakin brilliant, intuitive, simple yet complex little sequencer. I literally had a dope little beat with just what it comes with in the lite version in like 5 mins."

User from USA

"Great sound and easy to use. Got the pro version immediately, it's definitely worth every cent."

User from Germany

"You can tweak the effects like CRAZY! It is pretty in depth and totally worth pro. "

User from USA

"Believe me when I say, this is truly exceptional. It has a flow that is unrivalled, period."

User from United Kingdom

"A great all in one tool."

User from Germany

"I love this app."

User from Malaysia