IntroductionThe HYPERTRON is a new, exciting and intuitive musical Instrument for iOS ( iPhone and iPad ), which combines features of well known samplers, sequencers and drum machines for quick editing and flexible music production.

HYPERTRON comes for free with unlimited playtime and the ability to record as many samples as you want. Unlock the full potential of the HYPERTRON by purchasing a PRO account inside the app.

FeaturesHYPERTRON is offering powerful tools behind simple design. Compose, mix and arrange in one window. Tip on a pad and swipe in order to adjust effects. Load and record samples, alter sounds, compose melodies, build beats, arrange songs and perform them. Capture everything live and export your tracks for later editing.

SamplesLoad samples, record samples, slice samples, time-stretch samples, add fade-ins and fade-outs to your samples or crossfade them. Create melodies by pitching sounds in real time. Arrange samples in sequences and groups. Program it. Play it. Noterepeat it.

SynthesizerThe HYPERTRON features a simple yet effective synthesizer. Two oscillators and one LFO controlling frequency and filter separately. Record melodies with the virtual keyboard or peform live on top of your session.

EffectsAdd multiple effects to each pad and adjust them with swipe-gestures:
• Highpass
• Lowpass
• Distortion
• Delay
• Reverb

You can also fine-adjust pitch, delay-times, timestretch and reverb cutoff frequency.

Master BusAlter the sum with a highpass filter and compressor.

ConnectivityHYPERTRON supports Ableton Link and Audiobus. You can also connect your external MIDI keyboard via Lightning / USB or Bluetooth.

ExportExport every individual track of your project for later editing in your DAW.

LibraryPurchase sounds via the internal sample store - regularly updated and growing.